Video Game History: Ridge Racer Inequality

While Ridge Racer has never been a super huge hit, the series has maintained a decent following with bumps in the road here and there with the gaming community. It’s never been exclusive for any console, but Namco definitely partnered with Sony’s products most of the time. But to be fair for all the PS1Continue reading “Video Game History: Ridge Racer Inequality”

Things I Like: Pac n’ Roll (Nintendo DS)

I bought this one a few years back in a bargain bin at Best Buy I believe. Back when the DS wasn’t exactly overflowing with top quality games. Pac n’ Roll is a decent game in its own right. You guide little Pac-Man in game similar to Super Monkey Ball or Marble Madness. Just withContinue reading “Things I Like: Pac n’ Roll (Nintendo DS)”

Things I Like: Soul Edge (Arcade)

I remember playing this one a long time ago in the arcade. It’s the first game in the Soul Calibur series. Plays very similar to the first Soul Calibur, and there wasn’t a huge jump between the graphics. Very good and sweet game-play especially for its time. There was a PS1 version called Soul Blade.Continue reading “Things I Like: Soul Edge (Arcade)”

Video Game History: WonderSwan

The WonderSwan was a handheld created by Bandai in 1999 to compete with Nintendo’s Gameboy. It never took off outside Japan, but was a decent hit there. It was actually designed by Gunpei Yokoi, the creator of the GameBoy. It sported mostly a bunch of ports and some original Japanese games. Some notable games includedContinue reading “Video Game History: WonderSwan”