Fun Fact: How Brussel Sprouts Came to America

It is believed that the French introduced brussel sprouts to North America. They did so via Louisiana in the 18th century.

Things I Like: The Waterboy (1998 Film)

While it wasn’t as good as Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore, I thought this was a pretty good Adam Sandler movie. It was cheesy, stupid, and crude, but I found it very entertaining. I think one of the reasons is because his character is such a charming goober. I just love the football scenes where…

Fun Fact: Governor Meriweather Lewis

Since Meriweather Lewis had co-led the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Thomas Jefferson later made him Governor of the Louisiana Territory. Despite the name, most of the land he was Governor of was not even near modern-day Louisiana. Most of the important areas of the territory later became known as the state of Missouri.

Fun Fact: How Baton Rouge Louisiana Got Its Name

French explorer Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville gave the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge its name. The city’s name comes from a land-mark tree they named le baton rouge which means “the red stick” in French.