Dragon Ball Super (TV Series) Part 10 Review

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As a kid, I loved Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. When both series were over, I was quite sad. But a few years ago, Dragon Ball Super was created which corrected some of the faults that Dragon Ball GT did. Now I have reached the end of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball super Frieza versus dypso Pride Troopers Japan anime

The final part takes place during the end of the tournament of power. Most of the universe teams have lost and been erased by Lord Zeno. Goku and Universe 7 team are mostly intact. But so are Jiren and most of his Pride Troopers.

Jiren defends himself against Goku and Vegeta Dragon Ball super Tournament of power Japan anime

Jiren has still shown that he is the juggernaut at the whole tournament. Even Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan, Piccolo, and Android 17 will have little hope in defeating him as a team let alone together.

Audience watching Tournament of power gods of Destruction angels earthlings Dragon Ball super Japan anime

While Universe 7 has the most contestants left, Lord Beerus is probably shaking in his boots knowing he could easily be erased if Jiren gets some lucky hits on his fighters. But will Universe 7 survive at all?

Goku Masters Ultra instinct in Super Saiyan form Dragon Ball super anime Japan

Overall, I found Part 10 to be quite boring. Dragon Ball Super eventually fell into the same pit as Dragon Ball GT. They sacrificed quality for quantity, and it shows big time. While it was nice to see the end, unlike Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, I was happy it was over.

Score: C-

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