Things I Like: Genie (Wario Land)

Wario Land final boss Genie Captain Syrup vs Wario Game Boy Nintendo

I had forgotten all the bosses in Wario Land on Gameboy except the genie. Genie is the final boss of the game.

Wario Land Wario vs. Captain Syrup Genie lamp

Genie is really a pawn of Captain Syrup. Who is a female pirate who happens to have something that Wario wants.

Wario Land final boss battle Genie Nintendo Game Boy Mario series Wario sub-series

I had a lot of fun in the boss battle.

Wario Land ending Mario cameo Golden Princess Peach statue helicopter Nintendo Game Boy

With both of them defeated, Wario tries to take his prize which is a giant statue of Princess Peach that is gold. Unfortunately for Wario, Mario takes it away on a helicopter.

Wario Land ending Wario makes wish to the genie Nintendo Game Boy

After that, Wario gets to make a wish to the genie who is now on his side.

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