Things I Like: Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Super)

Master roshi Powers up Dragon Ball super Japan anime FUNimation

I was surprised to see Master Roshi have such a notable role in Dragon Ball Super. By the start of Dragon Ball Z, his fighting days were over.

Dragon Ball super master roshi vs frieza's Army anime Funimation

So it’s honestly a little ludicrous to see Master Roshi fight characters who were much stronger than Raditz.

Master roshi Tournament of power Dragon Ball super

It was even more ridiculous to see him fight characters on par with Goku and Vegeta during the tournament of power.

Master roshi uses evil containment wave against Frost Dragon Ball super Tournament of power anime Funimation

The only thing that made sense was him using the evil containment wave against Frost.

Frost vs Master roshi Dragon Ball super Japan Funimation anime

Which made it all rather pointless when he misses the bottle.

Dragon Ball super Tournament of power Master roshi eliminated Universe 7 seats

After losing to Frost, Master Roshi falls to exhaustion and thus gets eliminated from the tournament of power.

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