Things I Like: Vados (Dragon Ball Super)

Vados Dragon Ball super Universe 6 Saga tournament

Besides Whis, Vados is the angel we see most during Dragon Ball Super.

Vados and Champa Dragon Ball super

She serves as the angel of universe 6, making her the attendant and teacher of Champa, the God of destruction.

Whis and Vados Dragon Ball super the Earth of universe 6

Vados is the sister of Whis, and she’s said to even stronger than him.

Vados bad-mouths Champa to Lord Zeno Dragon Ball super

I did think it was hilarious that she had no problem making Champa look bad in front of Lord Zeno.

Supreme Kai and Champa find out that vados won't be erased during the tournament of power Dragon Ball super anime Japan Funimation

I do believe in the fan theory that the Grand Minister is the true God of the Multiverse in Dragon Ball. That’s would explain the angels’ immunity during the tournament of power. And also their calmness in front of Lord Zeno.

Dragon Ball super vados joins Universe 7 Tournament of power

Unlike Whis, her loyalty to her God of destruction is rather weak. She joins Universe 7 in the stands before Champa gets erased himself.

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