KonoSuba (TV Series) Season 1 Review

Konosuba anime season 1 poster

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World is an anime I’ve heard about for a few years now but never took a dive into yet. I had finished The Seven Deadly Sins and wanted a new series to start. I wasn’t quite sure what it was even about but it was available to watch on HBO Max.

Kazuma meeting Aqua Konosuba anime season 1

The story is about a young Japanese teenager named Kazuma Sato. He was accidentally killed trying to save a pretty girl and wakes up in the afterlife. A goddess named Aqua offers him a second chance in a new world. Like many before him, he gets the opportunity to take a single thing he wants for the adventure… and he picks the female goddess of water.

Kazuma and Aqua run out of money Konosuba anime season 1

They arrive in a land very similar to a JRPG video game like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. The only way for Aqua to return to her goddess duties is for Kazuma to defeat the Devil King. But Kazuma is a noob at this world and Aqua is actually a pretty useless goddess.

Megumin and Darkness join the party Konosuba anime season 1

Like any JRPG video game, Kazuma recruits others to join Aqua and himself to form a battling party. The first is Megumin, a young witch capable of impressive explosive magic, but she can only use the spell once a day. Then you have Darkness, a holy knight with impressive strength but next to zero accuracy.

Aqua explaining the Winter Shogun Konosuba anime season 1

I was very disappointed by the quality of KonoSuba. It’s a very short season with only eleven episodes and it was a struggle for me to finish them. The anime is a comedy but there’s little to almost no progression to the plot. It’s like you’re watching some kid play a JRPG badly and doing some rather semi-deviant things to the females around. It has a solid fanbase apparently, but I could only imagine the vast majority of them are middle school boys. It has another season of short episodes but it looks like that was its series end besides a movie. So I’m going to pass.

Score: C

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