Things I Hate: Dragon Ball GT (TV Series)

This was a really bad idea. Not based on the excellent manga. Just more crap.

Kid goku Dragon Ball GT

Goku is back

Oh wait no, he’s just a kid again.

Goku Pan and Trunks looking for black star dragon balls Dragon Ball GT

Pan is now a pre-teen girl with attitude.

Eventually all them including Trunks for some reason, go across the galaxy to get hold on more dragon balls.

Baby true form Dragon Ball GT

They meet this jerk

Baby vs Ssj3 Goku Dragon Ball GT

Who eventually takes Vegeta’s body. Goes super-tuffle and beats the crap out of Goku.

SSJ4 Goku vs Baby Vegeta Dragon Ball GT

Eventually Goku goes SSJ4 and beats him up.

Golden great ape baby vs SSJ4 Goku Dragon Ball GT

He turns into a super saiyan monkey.

But Goku beats him anyway.

Goku defeats Super Android 17 Dragon Ball GT

Super Android 17 was lame.

Omega Shenron Dragon Ball GT

And this guy wasn’t much better.

Really all this junk was more money milking from fans too stupid to stop buying stuff with Goku in it. Reusing old fight endings, and making up absolute garbage does not make a good series. Don’t defend the series, it’s awful. Simply awful, and you should feel awful if you like it.

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