Things I Like: Knights of Sidonia (TV Series) Season 2

Pilot in space Knights of Sidonia Netflix season 2

Knights of Sidonia is a rather recent anime that debuted in Japan. Anime usually takes a few years to make it here to America. Netflix got an English dub as a Netflix Original, and I watched the first season about a year ago. It wasn’t quite as good as I imagined, but I was still interested enough in the story to see the next season.

Nagate Tanikaze Knights of Sidonia Netflix season 2

Not much has changed since Nagate Tanikaze defeated the Crimson Hawk-Moth gauna monster. He’s still rather depressed as the monster had absorbed his deceased friend, and there’d be no way he’d see her again. But he can’t go into retirement as gauna monsters often attack the space colony Sidonia, and he needs to lead the way.

Norio Kunato Knights of Sidonia Netflix season 2

But there is something new this time around. Norio Kunato (under the control of Ochiai) decides to re-start an experiment that nearly destroyed Sidonia a century before. The plan is to create a human-gauna hybrid far stronger than most gaunas and the robot-ships that garde pilots fly. The plan works, but will they be able to control the creature?

Planet Saturn Knights of Sidonia Netflix season 2

The second season is about on par with the first. It starts out slow, and gets progressively better over-time. I really liked the hybrid human-gauna and Nagate’s relationship with Izana Shinatose. I think the main problem with the season is the same with the first. The gauna are often too powerful and the rest of the garde pilots too helpless. I also believe this might be the last season, which is stupid because the story is clearly not even close to being over. While I’m not the biggest fan of the series, I would like to see a proper conclusion.

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