Things I Like: Goku Black/Zamasu (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super Goku black arrives on Earth to see Goku

While his story arc could have been better, I did like Goku Black as a character. Looking like Goku, this evil being had almost destroyed everyone on Earth in Future Trunks’ timeline.

Dragon Ball super Goku Black versus Super Saiyan Goku first fight

I always figured he wasn’t really Goku. Even Lord Beerus and Whis figure that one out pretty quickly.

Dragon Ball super Lord beerus kills zamasu current time

Turns out his name is really Zamasu. He is a kai in training to be the Supreme Kai. He planned to murder his master in a goal to wipe out all mortals in the Multiverse.

Dragon Ball super Goku black and zamasu versus Trunks Vegeta and Goku

Unfortunately for the Z Warriors, Goku Black is also helped by another reality version of Zamasu who is indestructible.

Dragon Ball super Goku black fuses with zamasu potara earrings

When he starts losing, the two beings fuse into one. At the horror of two Supreme Kai’s watching the battle, as the fusion is very taboo.

Trunks defeats zamasu super sword Dragon Ball super

Future Trunks manages to get the last blow and end his life as he knew it.

Dragon Ball super Future Zeno erases zamasu and the Earth

I didn’t like how his energy still stayed around after death. Which forced Goku to summon Future Zeno to erase him from existence.

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