Things I Like: Zeno (Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball super Grand Zeno appears Universe 6 Saga

Grand Zeno is basically the god of the Dragon Ball universe. He makes even the gods of Destruction tremble with fear. He has the power to wipe out anyone except maybe the angels from existence with a simple motion from his hand.

Dragon Ball super Zeno makes friends with Goku

Despite his ultimate divinity, Zeno is like a child. He makes good friends with Goku.

Dragon Ball super Goku hugs Zeno Goku black Saga

Goku finds his future counterpart during the fight with Goku Black. Future Zeno manages to erase Zamasu from existence.

Dragon Ball super Goku brings future Zeno to present with time machine

To the horror of Lord Beerus, Goku brings the Future Zeno to the current timeline.

Dragon Ball super Zeno meets future Zeno Goku supreme Kai Grand minister

And Goku introduces Future Zeno with the current one. Both gods become friends with each other.

Dragon Ball super Zeno and future Zeno Tournament of power Japan anime

And both watch gleefully during the tournament of power. They both also happily erase the losers from existence.

Zeno's congratulate Goku for winning Tournament of power Dragon Ball super

And to no surprise, they’re both happy Goku’s team won.

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